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Getting married and looking for that great idea to send the reception to a new level? Want to add that fun factor to the room? How about a wedding slideshow to entertain the guests and add that important personal touch?

From an informal show of the preparations in the lead up to the wedding, to a more formal arrival at the church or wedding office, I can host a magnificent wedding slideshow.

A bride’s wedding day is very special, from the makeup to the final fitting of the dress, to the entry into the limousine and arrival at the church. However only family and friends are usually present at these important parts of the bride’s day. I can bring the fun and fury of the wedding day to the assembled guests in a slideshow format. What better way to entertain the assembled guests as they sit down to the dinner and desserts!

Here at we specialise in wedding slideshows. Not only can I  host the slideshow but I also have quality projectors for hire if necessary. If you prefer, the slideshow can be transmitted via existing TV screens at the reception.

Any major event has its glitches and even hilarious outtakes. From the chat and organisation of the makeup and hair styling to the adjusting of the bridal dress as you prepare to step into the limousine or car. I can capture these beautiful and fun moments and project them at the wedding reception as part of the celebration.

I am also flexible and can host and run the wedding slideshow at various times to suit your preferences.

When to host the wedding slideshow

  • As the guests arrive at the reception centre. I can run the wedding slideshow for you on existing TV monitors or via my own projector.
  •  During other entertainment. I can run the wedding slideshow as a background to enhance existing entertainment.
  • When guests sit down to eat. You have the guests’ attention as they sit down and begin their meal.
  • Following dinner and desserts. Perhaps the best time to run the wedding slideshow with commentary as you have the guests’ full attention.

You may wish the wedding slideshow to have a focus on fun and entertainment, perhaps even containing a few embarrassing glitches for the bride in the preparations. Is there a better way to relax and give the guests a laugh or two? I can help capture the fun and laughs of the preparations of the wedding and bring them to the reception via a classic wedding slideshow that you can treasure for many years to come.

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