Photo Booth hire at Weddings is Fun

When the big day is over, the photos and videos are what you have left to remember your wedding by. Of course you’ll have the professional photographer capturing the special moments of the day and nothing can replace this. But wedding photo booth hire hasn’t become popular for nothing. A photo booth is part of the fun and entertainment at the reception and you get some fun filled photos for you and your guests to remember it by.

Spoilt Photo Booths is one company offering premium open air photo booths in Perth.

Fun in the photo booth

Getting together with friends and family, having a laugh and maybe pulling a few faces or poses in the photo booth is always a lot of fun. It is great entertainment at the reception and your guests can pop in an out all night. No one is too young or old to participate in the photo booth and create some great memories and pictures.

For a bit of extra entertainment and unique photos, glasses, hats wigs, fake moustaches, lips and other props will give your guests plenty to play around with while taking their pictures in the photo booth. Posing with the props, if only for a minute, is a great way to break the ice and bring out a fun spirit for many guests.

The photo booth isn’t just limited to photos though, you can have your guests record a video message in the booth too.

The memories you get to keep

A photo booth offers more opportunity to capture you, your family and your friends on the big day. When it’s all over, the photo strips printed from the photo booth are another keepsake from the wedding with a unique set of photos that specifically capture the fun.

You can arrange to personalise the print outs too with your own message or the bride and grooms names.

Two copies of each of the photo strips is printed out. The copy for your guests to keep doubles as a great favour and something special for them to remember the wedding by. The other copy can go into a photo book or guest book. Like a traditional guest book, your friends and family can write in it, but they also add the photo strips with their messages. Looking through your photo book or guest book will sure be entertaining with the fun filled photos your guests put in it.

photo booths

The memories aren’t just limited to the print outs. While taking their photos, your guests can share them via social media if you wish. You also get a copy of all of the booth photos on a USB, so you can then share the photos with all your friends and family and keep the special memories in digital form.

With all the planning, time and money involved with a wedding, capturing the day from all angles is so important to keep the memories alive. Spoilt Photo Booths are wedding professionals who specialise in wedding photo booth hire in Perth to help you do just that.

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