A Wedding To Remember Always

There is nothing more exciting or wonderful or special then to be driven in a stretch limousine to the church where you are to be married at. To have the driver open the door for you and help you out, your father there to take your arm and walk you to the entrance and then down the aisle. What a great idea to Hire NB Limousines for your wedding. It made the day so much more memorable. And aren’t weddings supposed to be filled with special memories?

You will want your maid of honor and bride’s maids to be giddy with excitement as they ride with you to the church. Then you will want everyone riding to the reception this time including the groom and the rest of your bridal party. When you decided to Hire NB Limousines for your special event you knew you wanted everyone to be pampered. Plus, the tinted windows will guard your privacy and conversation. This is your day and everything must be perfect.

Everything has been planned right down to the music that would be playing as you ride towards the biggest day of your life. One of the reasons you will be glad you decided to Hire NB Limousines for your wedding is that you will get to decorate the limo to fit your wedding theme. Even the photographer will be impressed with the limo and will want to take some pictures of it for you. With so many things to be concerned about it will be nice to have one less thing on your mind.

Everyone will want to make this day the very best it can be and the limo company will be no exception. They will work with you and your plans. They want to make your fondest dreams come true with the quality of service you knew they would provide for you. And when your big day is over and you are being driven to the airport to start your honeymoon and new life together you will say to yourself that you are so glad you decided to Hire NB Limousines for your wedding.

Limo hire Perth of a Chrysler 300c Stretch.

Making Your Wedding Day Royal

Weddings are ranked as the most important day of any new bride’s life. The planning and preparation that goes into the day last for weeks and months with no detail left to chance. While the bride is often stressing over the dress, flowers and wedding party the groom is often left with the task of providing appropriate transportation. The days of riding to and fro in your jalopy with cans tied to the back are gone and have been replaced with the need for royal treatment. When looking for a limo to hire in Perth for weddings, there are several things you need to consider before making your choice.

First, there are many choices for a limo to hire in Perth for weddings, but they are not equal choices. Many companies have not updated their limo fleet in years. Riding in an older model limo gives the impression that the groom is trying to meet the demand but save money. When you are ready to be whisked off for your honeymoon, you want your bride to have the appearance of elegance and style befitting a queen. Using a Chrysler 300c is the new modern, sleek, and in demand limo.

When looking for a limo to hire in Perth for weddings, finding the limo that is great for photos as you stand and wave to the attendees is the top priority. There will be many photos taken of you and your bride in and around your limo. The elegance of the Chrysler is at the top of the quality scale and you will be pleased with the outcome. These can hold upwards of ten from the wedding party, allowing you to include your bride’s maids and groomsmen a ride to the reception. Choosing the right service means everything on this day of days.

The choices you make for your wedding day will be looked upon for the rest of your life. This is the most important day of your life and care should be taken when searching for a limo to hire in Perth for weddings. The quality of the day should not be hampered because of a poor choice.

NB Limousines have a Chrysler 300c Stretch limousine for hire. it sits 10 people and has a 5th door for easy access.

Perth Limo Hire – 3 Tips to Make your Wedding Day Dreams Come True

Organising wedding cars and limousines can be a big headache! How do you move the wedding party from home to the venue and then to the reception – in style and on time? The answer is to engage an experienced Perth limo hire service. One that understands the ups and downs of planning a wedding and offers a premium package at a reasonable cost.

Before you contact a Perth limo hire service however, there are some decisions you need to make and information you need on hand. So here are 3 tips to make hiring a limo service run smoothly and your wedding day dreams come true:

What is your wedding theme?

You may simply want a traditional wedding or you may decide to have a wedding theme. Themes make a wedding day more special and memorable. There is an endless supply of wedding themes available – you can choose a beach theme, a vintage or country style, maybe something retro like gangsters, a Hollywood theme or just a beautiful, soft romantic theme with lots of roses or cherry blossoms.

Knowing your wedding theme – traditional or otherwise – makes selecting the type of limousines a much easier process.

limo hire perth, chrysler

White Chrysler Limo

What are the distances between venues, number of passengers and timeframes?

First, you need to make sure that your Perth limo hire service has the limousines that match your wedding theme. Next, are they available for your wedding day? Last, the limo firm will need to know the distances between each of the venues, the number of passengers in each car and the times for pickup and drop-off.

Most probably you will want the limousines to be a backdrop to some of your wedding photos. So to make the photo shoots run smoothly, timing is essential.

What is your budget?

Everyone’s wedding budget is different so you want to make sure that the limo service you select gives you exactly what you want for your wedding day. The following are a few questions you might ask:

  • What is the difference between the various limousine packages?
  • Can you simply hire one limousine to take you to the wedding venue?
  • Do they have classics such as a Rolls Royce and a Jaguar as well as modern limousines?
  • Can you visit and view the limousines?
  • What does each package include?
  • Will they allow you to personalise the limousines?
  • Do they charge extra for ribbons, garlands and a ‘Just Married’ sign and will they attach these for you?
  • What happens if you change your wedding date?
  • How much deposit is needed and when is the final payment due?

When you are planning your wedding day you have so much to do, so many people to contact and so many balls to hold in the air – the least you can do for yourself is to engage a Perth limo hire company you can trust and who will help to make your wedding day dreams come true!



The Baby Bentley for Limo Hire Perth Wedding Style

One of the most common uses for limo hire Perth is of course for weddings. Whether a large, formal occasion, or a quieter, more intimate celebration, it is part of the ritual that the bride should alight and depart from the wedding and reception in a beautiful limo. Indeed one of the most memorable moments of the day is to see the splendour and beauty of the bride as she steps from a stunning limousine out into the centre of attention of the wedding guests.

silver chrysler 300c limo

If you are looking for that premium limo for that very special day it is vital that you pick a respected limo hire Perth company. The company needs to be able to provide wedding limo hire Perth packages that are affordable, reliable and offer a friendly service.

Perth Chrysler Limo Hire – Silver Style

BostonLimousines.com.au offers a number of Chrysler limos as part of its wedding limo hire packages. One of the most striking is the premium, Presidential-grade Baby Bentley Chrysler 300C limousines.

So nicknamed because of its resemblance to the wide-bodied style of the famous British model, the Baby Bentley will enhance the elegance of the wedding and reception just by its very presence.

But exactly what is it about the Baby Bentley Chrysler 300C that makes it such a wonderful choice for a wedding?

The Baby Bentley’s key features

  • Award-winning interior style. The Baby Bentley Chrysler 300C has an interior that stops at nothing to deliver the style and luxury that you’d expect from a top-of-the-range limousine.
  • Classic silver exterior finish. Nothing commands attention better than a silver limousine. The bridal party will travel in style and be noticed with the superb finish of the Baby Bentley.
  • Easy access to interior controls. The trip to the wedding and reception centre will be one of luxury and comfort as the bridal party has touch access to entertainment, lighting and comfort switches.

The Presidential-grade Baby Bentley Chrysler 300C limousine ensures that the bridal party arrives at the wedding and reception in style and comfort. The spacious interior allows for the most voluminous of wedding dresses and drinks and the red carpet treatment are welcome extras that are included in the wedding package.

Limo hire Perth company Boston Limousines pride themselves on the quality of their service as well as their range of premium limousines. Their wedding packages are affordable and can be tailored to suit every budget. As well the limo hire Perth firm offers a chauffeured service that is both friendly and reliable.

Make a statement with Perth Chrysler limo hire

Do you need to arrange your wedding limo hire? One option you have is to take advantage of Perth Chrysler limo hire choices. For a conservative, classier look, maybe you should consider the Chrysler 300C stretch limos available in Perth.

There are advantages to both types of limo hire in Perth – stretch limos and classic cars.

Check out some Perth Chrysler limo hire options on Absolute Wedding Cars Website


A Chrysler limo hire has many advantages. However a key one is the spaciousness of the vehicle. You could fit your son or daughter’s entire class in the limo with leg room to spare!


Nothing makes an amazing statement like turning up in a Chrysler 300c stretch limousine. Well suited to that grand, even brash appearance so loved by many people, this may be the favoured option for bridal couples.


Only a Chrysler limo has that certain unique style. As much a people mover as a limo, a Chrysler has its own aura and majesty.

Chrysler 300C limo hire Perth

Conservative styling. However if your tastes run to more old-fashioned styling and luxury, the Chrysler 300C stretch limo may be the best option. Combining elegance and beauty from an older tradition of limousines, the Chrysler 300C is recognised as one of the more popular limos available for hire.

  • Recognised luxury and comfort. With the ability to seat up to ten people in style and comfort, the Chrysler 300C is one of the best choices for comfortable travel to the reception, ceremony, photo location and preparations. With entertainment options and climate control available at the flick of a switch, a ride in the Chrysler 300C is one all its occupants will remember.
  • Sophistication. The Chrysler 300C comes from the tradition of limos that makes their statement through a combination of luxury, elegance and the ability to fit in well in any occasion. Weddings are well suited for the appearance of the majestic Chrysler 300C.

So whether you choose the brash comfort of the Chrysler limo hire Perth or the classier lines of the Chrysler 300c for your wedding, be sure to check Absolute Wedding Cars for all the limo options available. Your choice will depend on your needs and preferences, as well as the number of people to travel in the limo.

Planning Limos in Perth for Your Wedding Day

Organising limos in Perth for your wedding day is one of the most important things you’ll need to take care of for the big event. Transport for the wedding day can sometimes come as an after-thought with planning for things like the dress and location taking up more time, but organising the right limos well in advance can make the wedding day much more enjoyable and stress free. Wedding Cars and limo hire perth Here we’ve detailed three of the most important things you need to consider when planning limos for your Perth wedding. Figure these out now, and getting around on your wedding day will be a breeze.

How long do you need to hire the limos for

Most limo hire companies charge their fee based on the number of hours you need the limos for and have packages for different lengths of time. When you’re thinking about the total time you’ll need to hire the limos for, you’ll first need to consider all the different trips on the day that you need transport for, including:

  • Getting the bride, groom and bridal party to the ceremony
  • Transporting everyone that is to be included in the location photos from the ceremony to the photo location/s
  • Transport from the photo location to the reception
  • Getting the bride and groom to their final destination after the reception. (Because of the length of the reception, this trip may be organised separately from the trips earlier in the day.)

Once you’ve worked out the amount of trips you need a limo for, you can factor in the actual travel time between destinations and the time you will spend at each one. Experienced limo hire companies in Perth should be familiar with the actual travel times between the popular wedding locations in and around Perth but you’ll also need to get a good idea of the travel times yourself to help with scheduling different venues and vendors.

How many limos will you need

There are a few things to think about when you’re deciding how many limos you will need to get around Perth on your wedding day. The first is how you will transport the bride, groom and bridal party to the ceremony location. Traditionally, the bride and groom will get ready in separate locations, so this will call for one limo for the bride and bridesmaids and one for the groom and groomsmen. For the rest of the transport during the day, the bride and groom will usually travel together along with the bridal party. You’ll also need to look at transport for the family and any other important guests who may be travelling separately to the bridal party. Depending on the size of the bridal party, you may be able to go with one limo. However, if the bridal party and/or family is large, or the bride and groom want to travel alone, you’ll need to have multiple limos. The amount of people that fit in one limousine will depend on the one you choose. To give you an idea of the variation in seating capacity between the different makes, Hummer limousines can fit up to 16 passengers, a classic 1957 stretch Cadillac seats 8, the popular Chrysler 300c seats 10 and a stylish Mercedes Benz stretch limo can seat up to 8.

Book your limos in Perth far in advance

As with nearly anything you need to organise for a wedding, you should book your Perth limos as far in advance as possible. If you can do this, you’ll have the widest range of limos to choose from, and will be able to book the ones that suit the style you want.