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Your wedding date is quickly approaching and you’re getting kind of confused as far as the benefits are concerned over hiring a professional wedding photographer that is a member of AAPP or AIPP or a wedding photographer that’s not. For some people this can be difficult because they don’t know the difference between a professional and nonprofessional photographer. This post will talk about the benefits of hiring a Perth wedding photographer vs. a nonprofessional photographer.

aipp-wedding-photographerA non professional photographer relies on experience and information from their past, and more times than not, word-of-mouth. For the most part this has worked and will continue to work for some provided they are delivering good quality service. What we’re finding is more and more startup photography businesses will call themselves professional because they do have professional cameras, maybe some professional lighting, and in some cases portfolios that contain good quality photographs.

Then there is the accredited member of AAPP or AIPP. This is a photography company that has gone through great lengths for education, experience, and the skill needed for their craft. Not only have they gone through the education process to acquire the skills and experience, but they have joined an elite community of accredited professionals in an institution that is dedicated to photography. These business owners understand what it means to provide service and quality to their customers whether in their community or abroad. They are held to a different standard, and they also function on a code of ethics that is unequal to any nonprofessional business in the same market.

aapp wedding photographerWhat all this means for you is when you choose a Perth wedding photographer that is part of the ‘member’s community’ you are not only paying for the service they provide but the code of ethics and business practices they stand for. When choosing a wedding photography service that is not a part of the AAPP or AI PP membership, in most cases you’re purchasing a service that is not backed or monitored by an industry standard. Choosing a Perth wedding photographer that is a member of AAPP or AIPP will ensure that you get everything you ask for in a wedding photographer and more.

Look for the AAPP or AIPP badge.

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