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One of the most common uses for limo hire Perth is of course for weddings. Whether a large, formal occasion, or a quieter, more intimate celebration, it is part of the ritual that the bride should alight and depart from the wedding and reception in a beautiful limo. Indeed one of the most memorable moments of the day is to see the splendour and beauty of the bride as she steps from a stunning limousine out into the centre of attention of the wedding guests.

silver chrysler 300c limo

If you are looking for that premium limo for that very special day it is vital that you pick a respected limo hire Perth company. The company needs to be able to provide wedding limo hire Perth packages that are affordable, reliable and offer a friendly service.

Perth Chrysler Limo Hire – Silver Style offers a number of Chrysler limos as part of its wedding limo hire packages. One of the most striking is the premium, Presidential-grade Baby Bentley Chrysler 300C limousines.

So nicknamed because of its resemblance to the wide-bodied style of the famous British model, the Baby Bentley will enhance the elegance of the wedding and reception just by its very presence.

But exactly what is it about the Baby Bentley Chrysler 300C that makes it such a wonderful choice for a wedding?

The Baby Bentley’s key features

  • Award-winning interior style. The Baby Bentley Chrysler 300C has an interior that stops at nothing to deliver the style and luxury that you’d expect from a top-of-the-range limousine.
  • Classic silver exterior finish. Nothing commands attention better than a silver limousine. The bridal party will travel in style and be noticed with the superb finish of the Baby Bentley.
  • Easy access to interior controls. The trip to the wedding and reception centre will be one of luxury and comfort as the bridal party has touch access to entertainment, lighting and comfort switches.

The Presidential-grade Baby Bentley Chrysler 300C limousine ensures that the bridal party arrives at the wedding and reception in style and comfort. The spacious interior allows for the most voluminous of wedding dresses and drinks and the red carpet treatment are welcome extras that are included in the wedding package.

Limo hire Perth company Boston Limousines pride themselves on the quality of their service as well as their range of premium limousines. Their wedding packages are affordable and can be tailored to suit every budget. As well the limo hire Perth firm offers a chauffeured service that is both friendly and reliable.

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