A Wedding To Remember Always

There is nothing more exciting or wonderful or special then to be driven in a stretch limousine to the church where you are to be married at. To have the driver open the door for you and help you out, your father there to take your arm and walk you to the entrance and then down the aisle. What a great idea to Hire NB Limousines for your wedding. It made the day so much more memorable. And aren’t weddings supposed to be filled with special memories?

You will want your maid of honor and bride’s maids to be giddy with excitement as they ride with you to the church. Then you will want everyone riding to the reception this time including the groom and the rest of your bridal party. When you decided to Hire NB Limousines for your special event you knew you wanted everyone to be pampered. Plus, the tinted windows will guard your privacy and conversation. This is your day and everything must be perfect.

Everything has been planned right down to the music that would be playing as you ride towards the biggest day of your life. One of the reasons you will be glad you decided to Hire NB Limousines for your wedding is that you will get to decorate the limo to fit your wedding theme. Even the photographer will be impressed with the limo and will want to take some pictures of it for you. With so many things to be concerned about it will be nice to have one less thing on your mind.

Everyone will want to make this day the very best it can be and the limo company will be no exception. They will work with you and your plans. They want to make your fondest dreams come true with the quality of service you knew they would provide for you. And when your big day is over and you are being driven to the airport to start your honeymoon and new life together you will say to yourself that you are so glad you decided to Hire NB Limousines for your wedding.

Limo hire Perth of a Chrysler 300c Stretch.

Hiring a Perth Wedding Celebrant

You’ve been planning that special day for a very long time and you have completely gone through your list of items, you’ve found you’re missing something, which is, who is going to marry you? Hiring a wedding celebrant is more than likely the last person on your list and this is because there are so many things to get done before the special day arrives. What most people fail to realise is the importance of having this step very well organised and that means having your wedding celebrant involved as early in your plans as you can.

Wedding plans on their own can be overwhelming and believe it or not, many people have forgotten to hire a wedding celebrant until the last minute. This step is a very important part of your wedding and really needs to get handled with care from the very beginning, and this is just as important whether the wedding is religious or not. When you are at the point of saying your vows, you want this special time to pass without incident. This is a very special time and you want this part of the wedding to be well organised, and as mistake free as possible.

A wedding celebrant can work with you on the ceremony, vow creation, words or scriptures that will be spoken, as well as picking something that really identifies with you and your reasons for marriage. A wedding celebrant is the person that speaks the words that begin your lifelong bond, and for this reason it is very important to have your wedding celebrant involved in how you would like your ceremony to play out. There are many different wedding celebrants to choose from and just as you would interview anyone of the other wedding cast members such as the photographer and caterers, you really need to pick a wedding celebrant that fits.

wedding ceremony, wedding rings

Wedding Photo: Absolute and Alive

Below we will list what is involved in hiring a wedding celebrant as well as some of the benefits you can look forward to.

What are some of the benefits of hiring a wedding celebrant? 

The first and most important benefit is professionalism. Wedding celebrants have an understanding about weddings that may even seem foreign to you. The reason for this is, this is what they do. They also provide a service that is personalised to each wedding event and this is important, especially in case you are having a ceremony that is nontraditional.

You would like to hire a wedding celebrant, now what?

It’s time to get started and in most cases you will begin at your church, if this is not adequate you will begin to converse with family members, friends, referrals, your local business directory, and search online. You will accumulate a list of wedding celebrants to call, but before you call to make a booking, you’ll need to make a list of your ideas for the ceremony as well as what you would like to expect. Once you’ve done those things make the call, ask your questions, and if satisfied, make a booking.

What are the costs I can expect for a wedding celebrant?

These costs will normally range from $400 to $950, but this could vary widely depending on the ceremony and what is expected from your celebrant. To give you a slight idea of what to look forward to, if you were to get married at your local registry, you would pay something close to $375. This will at least give you a starting point if nothing else, but an average would be close to $600.  Don’t forget it’s not just 1 hour of work on the day – Preparations and post wedding has to be considered, not to mention travel.

After talking to the wedding celebrant and agreeing on the ceremony details, how much time will they spend at my wedding?

The celebrant is required to arrive at the wedding at least 20 minutes early. When the ceremony has ended unless otherwise negotiated, they are not required to stay.

Do I need to help the celebrant on my wedding day?

Other than making them feel at home and welcome, the celebrant will normally have everything under control. If you could help with guests or have someone appointed for this at the time the ceremony begins, this would be a big plus.

Hiring a Perth wedding celebrant is a very important part of your wedding ceremony and shouldn’t be over looked. If you plan well, you will experience something that is awe-inspiring and this time in your life will be remembered for eternity.

Making Your Wedding Day Royal

Weddings are ranked as the most important day of any new bride’s life. The planning and preparation that goes into the day last for weeks and months with no detail left to chance. While the bride is often stressing over the dress, flowers and wedding party the groom is often left with the task of providing appropriate transportation. The days of riding to and fro in your jalopy with cans tied to the back are gone and have been replaced with the need for royal treatment. When looking for a limo to hire in Perth for weddings, there are several things you need to consider before making your choice.

First, there are many choices for a limo to hire in Perth for weddings, but they are not equal choices. Many companies have not updated their limo fleet in years. Riding in an older model limo gives the impression that the groom is trying to meet the demand but save money. When you are ready to be whisked off for your honeymoon, you want your bride to have the appearance of elegance and style befitting a queen. Using a Chrysler 300c is the new modern, sleek, and in demand limo.

When looking for a limo to hire in Perth for weddings, finding the limo that is great for photos as you stand and wave to the attendees is the top priority. There will be many photos taken of you and your bride in and around your limo. The elegance of the Chrysler is at the top of the quality scale and you will be pleased with the outcome. These can hold upwards of ten from the wedding party, allowing you to include your bride’s maids and groomsmen a ride to the reception. Choosing the right service means everything on this day of days.

The choices you make for your wedding day will be looked upon for the rest of your life. This is the most important day of your life and care should be taken when searching for a limo to hire in Perth for weddings. The quality of the day should not be hampered because of a poor choice.

NB Limousines have a Chrysler 300c Stretch limousine for hire. it sits 10 people and has a 5th door for easy access.

Perth Wedding Photographer - Engagement Shoot

You’re engaged now and you’re already thinking down the road about hiring your Perth wedding photographer, and you really want to find a way that you can work with your photographer and get to know them better. This can be done very easily by choosing a wedding photographer that can begin the process by taking your engagement photos. You see, allowing a wedding photographer to begin the relationship process by taking your engagement photos will allow you both to work together and get to know each other on a professional basis.

You can experience how the wedding photographer works with you and others as well is getting adjusted to the step-by-step photography process. What this will also do is allow you to express any feelings regarding the picture taking process, how it’s done, and any changes that may need to be made. All of these things are important because down the road you will be rewarding yourself for making the right choice and the right decision.

Many people do not take advantage of this process and what happens is they end up with a photographer that doesn’t work well with them or others. Normally when this happens, more times than not, it’s at the wrong time, and changes will need to be made hastily. This does not need to be the case because, you can get your wedding photographer involved early on in the process, which will allow you to get to know them really well and you will understand their needs as well as yours.

king street wedding photos

Choosing a wedding photographer that can take your engagement photos will also give you the chance to view their past work and research their experience. Of course when choosing a wedding photographer you want to choose a professional, so choosing someone that is an accredited member of AIPP  will be to your best interest. These are experienced professionals that will be available when it comes time for choosing the right Perth wedding photographer. There are many different wedding photographers available and choosing the right one to work for you is best done early on in the planning process.

Benefits for you choosing an AAPP or AIPP member

Your wedding date is quickly approaching and you’re getting kind of confused as far as the benefits are concerned over hiring a professional wedding photographer that is a member of AAPP or AIPP or a wedding photographer that’s not. For some people this can be difficult because they don’t know the difference between a professional and nonprofessional photographer. This post will talk about the benefits of hiring a Perth wedding photographer vs. a nonprofessional photographer.

aipp-wedding-photographerA non professional photographer relies on experience and information from their past, and more times than not, word-of-mouth. For the most part this has worked and will continue to work for some provided they are delivering good quality service. What we’re finding is more and more startup photography businesses will call themselves professional because they do have professional cameras, maybe some professional lighting, and in some cases portfolios that contain good quality photographs.

Then there is the accredited member of AAPP or AIPP. This is a photography company that has gone through great lengths for education, experience, and the skill needed for their craft. Not only have they gone through the education process to acquire the skills and experience, but they have joined an elite community of accredited professionals in an institution that is dedicated to photography. These business owners understand what it means to provide service and quality to their customers whether in their community or abroad. They are held to a different standard, and they also function on a code of ethics that is unequal to any nonprofessional business in the same market.

aapp wedding photographerWhat all this means for you is when you choose a Perth wedding photographer that is part of the ‘member’s community’ you are not only paying for the service they provide but the code of ethics and business practices they stand for. When choosing a wedding photography service that is not a part of the AAPP or AI PP membership, in most cases you’re purchasing a service that is not backed or monitored by an industry standard. Choosing a Perth wedding photographer that is a member of AAPP or AIPP will ensure that you get everything you ask for in a wedding photographer and more.

Look for the AAPP or AIPP badge.

Wedding Album Printers

Wedding album printers are available for you when it comes time to take those wedding photographs, and turn them into professional print photographs within your beautiful wedding album. You will find that there are many different services available to create a wonderful created wedding album. The good news is that many of the best companies that are available are right here in Australia, regardless of which area you’re in. Whether you are looking for a service in Melbourne, Sydney or Perth, there is a company that can provide the exact type of prints you need.

When searching for a company you will find that many services are different and of course this is to be expected, because no two services can provide all the same options when it comes to wedding album printers. With that said, you will discover that there are some interesting services offered such as double matted designer albums, single matt albums, and magazine style albums to name a few. The prints for these albums can be found in a variety of forms but the more traditional will be created using the traditional silver halide process. This is to ensure that the colouring is far superior and the print is well protected when it comes to fading.

As stated before, there are many different wedding album printers available, and each of them may use a different process. It will be up to you to decide the company you would like to go with and make sure they have what you are looking for, and that their service is very cost effective. You may ask about digital editing and how they would like to receive the photographs. If your photographer is handling this service for you they will normally have all of the information required in this area.

Wedding album printers are available in Australia and in locations overseas, so it will be up to you or your photographer to choose a service based on your specific needs. You will discover that once the photographs have been completed, you will have a unique wedding photo album that is truly special.

Wedding Celebrants in Perth

Wedding celebrants in Perth are ready and waiting to serve all of your wedding ceremony needs. But how do you go about choosing a wedding celebrant that can handle all of your personal needs? Wedding celebrants are probably the most personal people when it comes to weddings. They work very hard to make sure your special day turns out exactly as you had planned. This will take extreme focus and attention to detail, and this is something that wedding celebrants in Perth strive for every single day.

They understand how important your special day is, so many of them will add additional services to help you through certain areas of your wedding planning that may seem confusing or you simply need a bit of guidance. A wedding celebrant will work with you to get all your legal paper filed correctly. They will also make sure that all preparations have been made for your ceremony so everything takes place as it should. But they also will help with choosing your music, reading your vows, choosing the right words, rehearsals, and laying out a ceremony plan that will be very easy to follow.

A wedding celebrant will be a go to person when you aren’t sure exactly what is next. Because of their extreme expertise in the wedding field, they will be able to help you in almost every situation. You will discover that they love what they do, and nothing makes them happier than making sure the bride and groom are enjoying their ceremony. These are only some of the different services that wedding celebrants in Perth provide. There is a wide range of services that are provided by different celebrants, and you will find that no two celebrants are the same.

wedding ceremony, celebrant

Don’t let this confuse you because this is quite normal. Some wedding celebrants in Perth that have performed a lot of wedding ceremonies will sometimes offer more services. The reason is they have a lot of experience and feel comfortable providing additional services. So when you are out looking for the right wedding celebrant, choose someone that provides the services you need and makes you feel comfortable.

Perth Limo Hire – 3 Tips to Make your Wedding Day Dreams Come True

Organising wedding cars and limousines can be a big headache! How do you move the wedding party from home to the venue and then to the reception – in style and on time? The answer is to engage an experienced Perth limo hire service. One that understands the ups and downs of planning a wedding and offers a premium package at a reasonable cost.

Before you contact a Perth limo hire service however, there are some decisions you need to make and information you need on hand. So here are 3 tips to make hiring a limo service run smoothly and your wedding day dreams come true:

What is your wedding theme?

You may simply want a traditional wedding or you may decide to have a wedding theme. Themes make a wedding day more special and memorable. There is an endless supply of wedding themes available – you can choose a beach theme, a vintage or country style, maybe something retro like gangsters, a Hollywood theme or just a beautiful, soft romantic theme with lots of roses or cherry blossoms.

Knowing your wedding theme – traditional or otherwise – makes selecting the type of limousines a much easier process.

limo hire perth, chrysler

White Chrysler Limo

What are the distances between venues, number of passengers and timeframes?

First, you need to make sure that your Perth limo hire service has the limousines that match your wedding theme. Next, are they available for your wedding day? Last, the limo firm will need to know the distances between each of the venues, the number of passengers in each car and the times for pickup and drop-off.

Most probably you will want the limousines to be a backdrop to some of your wedding photos. So to make the photo shoots run smoothly, timing is essential.

What is your budget?

Everyone’s wedding budget is different so you want to make sure that the limo service you select gives you exactly what you want for your wedding day. The following are a few questions you might ask:

  • What is the difference between the various limousine packages?
  • Can you simply hire one limousine to take you to the wedding venue?
  • Do they have classics such as a Rolls Royce and a Jaguar as well as modern limousines?
  • Can you visit and view the limousines?
  • What does each package include?
  • Will they allow you to personalise the limousines?
  • Do they charge extra for ribbons, garlands and a ‘Just Married’ sign and will they attach these for you?
  • What happens if you change your wedding date?
  • How much deposit is needed and when is the final payment due?

When you are planning your wedding day you have so much to do, so many people to contact and so many balls to hold in the air – the least you can do for yourself is to engage a Perth limo hire company you can trust and who will help to make your wedding day dreams come true!



Why you should hire professionals for your wedding video Perth

Are you organising a wedding in the West? There are many things to check off the list if the event is to remain in the memory long after the bride and groom depart for their honeymoon. From organising the venue, to making sure the bride, groom and other attendants are fitted out in the right dresses and suits, to hiring the wedding photographer and much more. The list can seem endless! However one of the items that should be high on your to do list should be to hire an experienced and professional wedding videographer in Perth (iWedding Video).

wedding video perthWhile you may leave the job to a friend or relative who is competent with a camera, this is often the wrong choice. Unless they are a professional, they may not be equipped with the right camera, or not have the correct lighting, or the film that works best for the wedding setting. There are many other possible problems that could occur. Would you entrust your lifelong memories to someone with a cheap camera?

There are a number of reasons why you should consider a professional for your wedding video Perth.

The iWeddingVideo package advantages:

  • Guaranteed quality. Our wedding videographers both shoot and edit the video with the latest in videography and editing equipment. This ensures that the finished product of your magical day is of the highest quality possible.
  • Experienced professionals. At iWeddingVideo we employ experienced videographers with a detailed understanding of your wedding day needs.
  • Versatility. Rather than impose a standard video template, our wedding videographers will create a unique and artistic package for your wedding video Perth. We listen to your ideas and incorporate them to make the final package one that matches your taste, style and preferences.
  • Affordability. Our wedding video Perth packages are designed to suit every budget. Please select from our range of affordable options.

Your Perth wedding video can contain the full package of your wedding from the preparations to the ceremony and the reception. Our videographers film and edit your wedding video Perth and we can include your music of choice to enhance your very special day.

As you work your way through that daunting check list to organise your day, don’t forget to include iWeddingVideo for your wedding video Perth. Our experienced and professional wedding videographers in Perth will capture the moments and glory of your day and deliver a wedding video that you can look back on in the future with pride.